Declarations For Breakthrough: Agreeing With The Voice Of God

When God speaks, darkness trembles and death shudders; his voice is the most powerful force in the universe! And he has given his children the mandate to declare what he speaks, to say what he says. It’s time for believers to counter the attacks of the enemy–always the liar–with God’s word of truth and bring freedom to the captives.

In this biblically rich exploration of God’s prophetic word, apostolic leader and prophet Jane Hamon inspires and instructs readers to partner with God for the breakthroughs they need. Each chapter is a study of prophetic words Jane has received–promises every believer can claim. She explains what Scripture says about these messages, and how she has witnessed miracles and breakthrough from them. She also provides a series of prayers and decrees to help you activate breakthrough in your own life. 

God wants to set in motion the breakthrough you and your family need. Take hold of the life-changing action of speaking forth God’s own declarations for his people!

Discernment: the Essential Guide to Hearing the Voice Of God

We are living in such critical times today that it is imperative for believers to learn to use every tool given to us by the Holy Spirit. We are called to be kingdom influencers–to discern the times in which we live, to discern the moves of the Holy Spirit, and to discern angels and demons.

With extensive expertise and personal experience, prophetic leader Jane Hamon takes a deep dive, biblically and practically, into one of the least known and most unused gifts of the Holy Spirit, covering the following topics:

  • Discerning the presence of God
  • Discerning the times
  • Discerning angels and demons
  • Discerning the hearts of people around you
  • Acting wisely with what you discern
  • Walking in wisdom and balance
  • and more

This book will help you operate in greater spiritual authority and walk in wisdom as you help 

build God’s kingdom on earth.

the Deborah Company: A Prophetic Call for Woman to Fulfill Their Devine Destiny

Deborah, the Old Testament judge and prophetess, was filled with Holy Spirit revelation, employing divine wisdom and supernatural strategy to influence her world. She exemplified boldness, courage, and the heart of a true worshiper as she maintained balance in fulfilling her responsibilities. Deborah was an Old Testament example of a New Testament anointing that is available to all Spirit-filled women.

It’s time for the Deborahs of our time to arise, take their place, and step into their full potential!

In this updated and expanded edition of The Deborah Company, prophet and author Jane Hamon calls every woman of God to take her place on the front lines of what the Spirit of God is doing in the Earth.

The Deborah Company will inspire you to:

  • Raise your prophetic voice and make a difference.
  • Overcome the Jezebel spirit by operating in the Deborah anointing.
  • Operate in Holy Spirit wisdom and authority as a daughter of the King.
  • Interpret Bible mysteries by partnering with the Holy Spirit.
  • Dismantle strongholds and walk in new levels of courage.

Be the wife, mother, minister, and leader God intended as you emulate biblical and modern examples of women who operate in this anointing.

When the daughters of God step into their divine calling, they will stand against darkness and bring great victories into the Earth. Join this company of women who boldly say “yes” to their prophetic destinies!

Dreams and Visions: Understanding and Interpreting God’s Messages To You

Revised and Updated!

Does God really speak through dreams? Are there such things today as visions?

Absolutely, says author and pastor Jane Hamon. And what is more, God wants you to get the message! This concise guidebook unravels the scriptural meanings of dreams and visions, helping you discern when a dream is a prophetic direction for your life, what to do about a warning, how to recognize false messages–and much more.

In this newly revised and updated edition of her popular book, readers are encouraged to look with new eyes at the biblical basis for this everyday language. It is not complicated, says Hamon. The voice of the Lord is speaking. Don’t miss what he is saying.